DUVV: Paranoia (Chance the Rapper Cover)


Everyone should check out this DUVV cover of Chance the Rapper’s “Paranoia.” I’m not much of a Chance the Rapper fan, but “Paranoia” is a decent song, what with having Nosaj Thing produce it and all. On DUVV’s version, the production work was done by Falls, and although NJ’s OG version was low key and “chill,” as the kids say, Falls takes the rework into a much dreamier realm.

Top image via DUVV’s Twitter

Corey Feldman, Still Alive and Trying

Yesterday Stereogum reported that a St. Louis Cardinals minor league affiliate called the State College Spikes issued an apology for an appearance by Corey Feldman at one of their games. Feldman was given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch and then put on a performance as Corey Feldman & The Angels, which is a band that exists. Apparently people thought The Angels were a little too under-dressed, but it seems the performance itself was what came off as most offensive. It was so bad, in fact, that it was mentioned in the team’s official statement.

I am not the type of person that is willing to get up in front of a baseball stadium and perform a song, so I guess I have to give anyone who is able to do that a little credit, even if the stadium in question only managed to sell slightly more tickets than a White Sox game. However, having the guts to get in front of a crowd and having the talent to belong in front of a crowd are two different things, and Corey’s band certainly lacks the latter. I don’t know what it’s like to be completely hard up for money (this site pulls in billions every quarter), but this whole attempt by CorFeld to stay in the limelight seems pretty desperate. Does anyone remember his 2013 video for the song “Ascension Millennium,” which sounded like it was made by a twelve-year-old using Fruity Loops? At least we should hope this is just desperation, because after watching the video of the performance below, I think we are all going to want to believe that the whole charade was done for something outside of true self-belief in talent.

Playlist: Rooftop Beats

Image via bangitout.com, whatever the hell that is.

In case you haven’t noticed, summer is halfway over. Having recently moved to Brooklyn, I personally wish we were a bit closer to the end of the season; I thought the weather in Chicago was pretty gnarly in the dead of summer, but damn, nothing prepared me for June and July in NYC. The combo of heat and humidity here is something humans are not meant to experience. However, most people love summer, and they like to celebrate the “nice” weather by doing things like sitting out in the sun and sweating. But girl, once that sun starts to go down, the sexiness starts to go up, because after a shower and a change of clothes, people want to listen to jams and have a few cocktails.

According to quite a few movies and almost every beer commercial ever made, the young and fun like gather on city rooftops and dance away the hot nights with cool DJs and fancy neon-colored drinks. I am not young or fun, but I like to imagine that I could hang with these socialites if I were given the chance. For those of us with no sweet connections or available rooftop patios, I have put together a little Spotify playlist with the music that might, no, dammit, would, be played at such an event. Back in the old days, I used to get behind the decks every now and again, so don’t worry, I have an alright ear for the smooth and silky martini house these refined revelers want to hear. So head out to whatever available outdoor space you may have, put in some headphones, and crack open that Olde English 40, because although gen pop is not privy to swanky night raves above the skyline, DJ Smooth Matt is going to make you believe you are actually there. Sort of. Not really.

Here’s the link to the playlist: Rooftop Beats

Blvck Ceiling Releases Drag Remix of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

ImagePicture from Blvck Ceiling’s Soundcloud

Even though drag sort of died out after the whole Salem craze, I still dig it, and there are a lot of producers making some nice tracks. Blvck Ceiling would be one of these artists, and it just so happens he dropped a pretty cool remix of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” a few days ago. The juxtaposition between Perry’s vocals and the darkness of the backing music is pretty awesome. I’m a Katy Perry fan to begin with, as embarrassing as that is, but this rework brings the song to a completely different place.

There’s a Coachella Diet


Most level-headed people now realize Coachella is a huge joke existing solely as a giant meeting place for psuedo-hippie club sluts and alt-bros. So it should come as no surprise that Stereogum posted an article entitled The Coachella Diet is a Thing today. It seems two fitness trainers have created a workout regimen called “Cut by Coachella.” It’s designed to help their fellow ladies attain a hot bod that can be shown off at the festival. Finally, people rolling their faces off can be assured that they won’t accidentally bang a fatty while listening to shit music.

Eyehategod Drops Another New Track


Looks like Eyehategod released another track from their upcoming LP, which will be the first released since 2000. The track is called “Robitussin and Rejection,” and it will make your bowels shake. Apparently they will also be playing Three Floyds Brewing’s Dark Lord Day in Munster, Indiana. Imperial Stout and metal? Hell, yeah.

Check out the track and more info via the Brooklyn Vegan post I stole this from.

Korn Loser Desperate for Attention

image via billboard.com

Apparently Jonathan Davis thinks that President Obama is using Miley Cyrus as a distraction while he passes “police state” legislation. Really? I’m thinking maybe Obama could pull out some more stops than unleashing Miley on the world if he was trying to slip things past the population. Maybe Miley was created in a lab just to serve the Left’s Draconian world takeover! Or maybe Jonathan Davis is just feeling left out of the limelight. Remember, this is a man now going under the name J Devil and who said Korn “was dubstep before dubstep existed.” So now we know exactly who to blame for dubstep.

I just hope he doesn’t have enough power to convert the four people that still listen to Korn into crazy conspiracy theorists.

For more on J Devil’s theories, take a look at the NME article here.


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