Blvck Ceiling Releases Drag Remix of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

ImagePicture from Blvck Ceiling’s Soundcloud

Even though drag sort of died out after the whole Salem craze, I still dig it, and there are a lot of producers making some nice tracks. Blvck Ceiling would be one of these artists, and it just so happens he dropped a pretty cool remix of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” a few days ago. The juxtaposition between Perry’s vocals and the darkness of the backing music is pretty awesome. I’m a Katy Perry fan to begin with, as embarrassing as that is, but this rework brings the song to a completely different place.

There’s a Coachella Diet


Most level-headed people now realize Coachella is a huge joke existing solely as a giant meeting place for psuedo-hippie club sluts and alt-bros. So it should come as no surprise that Stereogum posted an article entitled The Coachella Diet is a Thing today. It seems two fitness trainers have created a workout regimen called “Cut by Coachella.” It’s designed to help their fellow ladies attain a hot bod that can be shown off at the festival. Finally, people rolling their faces off can be assured that they won’t accidentally bang a fatty while listening to shit music.

Eyehategod Drops Another New Track


Looks like Eyehategod released another track from their upcoming LP, which will be the first released since 2000. The track is called “Robitussin and Rejection,” and it will make your bowels shake. Apparently they will also be playing Three Floyds Brewing’s Dark Lord Day in Munster, Indiana. Imperial Stout and metal? Hell, yeah.

Check out the track and more info via the Brooklyn Vegan post I stole this from.

Korn Loser Desperate for Attention

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Apparently Jonathan Davis thinks that President Obama is using Miley Cyrus as a distraction while he passes “police state” legislation. Really? I’m thinking maybe Obama could pull out some more stops than unleashing Miley on the world if he was trying to slip things past the population. Maybe Miley was created in a lab just to serve the Left’s Draconian world takeover! Or maybe Jonathan Davis is just feeling left out of the limelight. Remember, this is a man now going under the name J Devil and who said Korn “was dubstep before dubstep existed.” So now we know exactly who to blame for dubstep.

I just hope he doesn’t have enough power to convert the four people that still listen to Korn into crazy conspiracy theorists.

For more on J Devil’s theories, take a look at the NME article here.

Black Atlass Releases “Young Bloods EP”

I’ve been championing Black Atlass since I first heard his self-released Black Atlass EP last year. After being picked up by Brooklyn’s Fool’s Gold Records, two tracks from that album were properly re-released. “Paris” and “Paris (Instrumental)” started to get buzz, and soon the world was waiting for the Montreal crooner to drop his next work. Well, yesterday was the day, and now we can finally listen to his Young Bloods EP.

I’ll do a full review of this record once I have some time to give it some solid listens. My initial opinion is that it does not disappoint, although I think two of the tracks are practically ruined by rapper XXX.

In the meantime, enjoy this video for the opening track “Blossom.”

Stream Beck’s New Album “Morning Phase”

If you like Beck, which you should, you may be interested in listening to his 12th LP Morning Phase. Many are comparing it Sea Change, which I understand, but I think the new album has more of an ethereal flavor to it. Either way, it’s pretty good, so check it out.

Jump to the original NPR page here.

New Tycho Album Out Soon

I almost peed my pants with excitement a few months ago when Tycho uploaded a new track to his Soundcloud page. A month or two after that, he uploaded another new song, and his label, Ghostly International, provided a release date (March 18) for his new full-length Awake. Pre-orders were announced about a week ago, along with word that there would be a limited pressing of 2,000 colored vinyl copies besides the normal release.

I’m clearly stoked about receiving my limited version in the mail, but in the meantime I have been relegated to listening to the pre-release tracks over and over. “Awake” and “Montana” are both excellent works, and if they are any indicator to what will be on the LP, Awake should easily compare in quality to 2011’s Dive, which was generally regarded as a fantastic album. The sound is more instrument based and sounds a bit more post-rock than past releases, but the structures and style are still undeniably Tycho, which means we can all look forward to the lush, warm pieces we have grown accustomed to. Hopefully the weather here in Chicago will start to cooperate shortly after March 18 so the music will fit the scenery. Anyway, check out the “Awake” and “Montana” below.


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