Live Review: Drink Up Buttercup – Universal Healthcare Spokesband

Energetic, shambling, playful, endearingly sloppy; these are things that immediately hit you when listening to Philly’s Drink Up Buttercup. Their live show embodies these very same qualities, and seeing them (at eye level no-less) at the stageless Ronny’s was just grand.

A fuzzy fracas of keyboards, ghostly harmony, tempo-shifts, and Brit-invasion guitar immediately called to mind your typical archetypes of these qualities — namely Clinic, Grizzly Bear, Fiery Furnaces, some Liverpool mercybeat band, yada yada yada.

But unlike all the bands mentioned above, there are no self-serious tendencies to be found; they’re just too giddy to be so heavy (much less wear surgical masks). Even when they get their stompin’ march on it sounds closer to the clumsy grandeur of a K Records Modest Mouse than the doom & gloom of a Kurt Weill.

It was a stellar, loose, pop-inflected, bedraggled, harmonious cacophony of a show. If there was ever a band that exemplified the need for universal health care, it’s D.U.B.. They’re erratic, they’re thrashing, they self-affectedly fall all over each other, they dispose of their instruments by dropping them on the floor, and the quartet (who all quit their jobs to tour) will almost certainly injure each other eventually. Obama! We need a public option.

That said, listing possible influences is only fun for the one writing them, so it’s best to check them out live… ya know…

Mp3: Farewell Captain

Photos by Pegs.  Thanks Pegs!

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