Album Review: United Nations – Never Mind the Bombings…

United Nations: Never Mind the Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures (Deathwish, Inc.)

The band United Nations has managed to make itself (in)famous in many different ways. Not only is it a “rumored” supergroup, it’s also managed to cause quite a bit of controversy over the past few years. I say rumored because United Nations is trying to play some sort of game with its audience and is not disclosing the actual lineup. It’s 100% obvious that Geoff Rickly of Thursday does at least some vocals, but beyond that, speculation has members of Converge (which makes sense since UN is on Deathwish, Inc.), Glassjaw, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Acid Tiger, and more in the mix.

Beyond the secret membership, United Nations has come under fire for the name itself. Apparently the real UN doesn’t like it very much, and it made moves to halt the band. Plus, their first album, United Nations, had to have an artwork overhaul because people wouldn’t carry it, stating the cover was offensive. Are we in the Reagan era again? Srsly.

In all honesty, the mystery of the members and all the controversy are just petty and stupid. People need to pay attention to what’s being produced by this “rogue group of troublemakers.”

Never Mind the Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures is the second release from these characters, and I’m going to say straight-off that this four song 7″ is better than the self-titled full length. United Nations basically sounded like Thursday with more screaming and some blastbeats thrown in. Geoff went back and forth between half-talking/hushed vocals and screaming just like Full Collapse. Even if the screaming is more intense with UN, the pattern was exactly the same. The music itself, although laid over super fast drumming, carried that emotive Thursday feel. These issues made for an “alright” album.

But on Never Mind the Bombings, it seems the band has decided to stray away from taking a familiar sound and dressing it up, or at least from taking Thursday’s familiar sound and dressing that up. This EP doesn’t break any barriers; in fact, it just gives a nod to emo-violence’s heyday. Almost all vocals are screamed, and the music follows the more aggressive progressions found in older screamo/emo-violence bands like Neil Perry and I, Robot. While not as brilliant or goosebump-inducing as a Saetia or My Lai (Chi-Town! Chi-Town!), this EP is way more interesting than the full length, and for that, I say check it out.

Not to mention, it’s much better than listening to the real United Nations.

One thought on “Album Review: United Nations – Never Mind the Bombings…

  1. Interesting… Thursday. I totally forgot about Thursday. Since when does the United Nations care about covert post-emo-violence supergroups? Maybe there’s a special task force looking into it.

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