Live Video: Howl (2 clips)

The mighty Howl… Relatively new in the recorded-music sense (with a recently released debut full-length and a solid slab of an EP before that), but if you knew where to look, these road dogs probably passed through your area multiple times while endlessly pounding the pavement. For the virgins to the church of Howl, the Providence natives deliciously meld crushing sludge and true metal muscle, at times thunderous then veering off into hypnotic. In other words, they would definitely fit comfortably sandwiched onto a High on Fire, Doomriders, Black Tusk, Weedeater, Bison BC bill… Whoa. I think I just realized I totally missed my true calling of booking sick shows.

Anywho, Howl came to town last weekend on July 30th, playing at The Studio at Webster Hall and opening for Black Tusk (whose videos will also be posted up here soon). But thanks to my shitty luck and some asshole getting sick on the subway and holding up the whole train, I arrived to the venue just as they geared into the third to last song of their set. Though totally bummed, I still hurried to the front and captured the last two songs. In addition to the video below, you can also find a clip of them playing “Oma” from their EP here.

To be quite honest, and if you can keep a secret, I think I was extra bummed because I may or may not have a massive crush on their guitarist, Andrea Black… but if you tell anyone, I’ll snap your throat with a bolt-cutter… Enjoy!

Howl – “You Jackals Beware” (live)

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