Mix Album: Gettin’ Ghoulish!

Gettin’ Ghoulish!

An album cover this good can only mean two things: 1) I was drunk when I drew it, and 2) it’s Halloween time. So what could be better for all your Halloween debauchery than some sweet tunes to accompany it? Nothing.

Contained within this mix album is a boatload of spooky songs from some of the best horror punk, horror rock, and psychobilly bands out there. You know you’re having/going to a Halloween party this year, so why not drop this puppy into the stereo to get everyone moving?

(Warning: This mix is not meant for the girls who think Halloween is the time to dress like sluts and fuck dudes in the alleys behind clubs. Those girls should check out Brian’s Ke$ha mix).

01. Calabrese – Vampires Don’t Exist
02. Balzac – Monster I
03. 12 Step Rebels – Graveyard Rockin’
04. The Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13 – Creature from the Black Lagoon
05. The Crimson Ghosts – From Beyond
06. Misfits – Halloween
07. The Damned – Plan 9 Channel 7
08. AFI – Fall Children
09. Zombeast – Flesh eaters
10. Hellbillys – Blood Lust
11. Zombina and The Skeletones – Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead)
12. Koffin Kats – Graveyard Tree Zero
13. The Undead – Undead
14. The Other – The Ghosts Of Hollywood
15. Nekromantix – Dead Girls Don’t Cry
16. American Werewolves – Destroy All Monsters
17. Zombie Ghost Train – Graveyard Queen
18. The Creepshow – Creatures of the Night
19. Demented Are Go! – Hotrod Vampires
20. Groovie Ghoulies – Graveyard Girlfriend
21. Plan 9 – Manmade Monster
22. The Rosedales – Cemetery Sock Hop
23. Tiger Army – Devil Girl
24. Nim Vind – Like a Guilloteen
25. Blitzkid – Lady in the Lake

Snag the mix here.

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