The Ultimate Yuppie Ad of All Time

Does this commercial make anyone else want to gouge out their eyes and ears with a spoon/buy khakis?  In the perfect marriage of yuppie sight and sound, Tommy Hilfiger has used Vampire Weekend’s song “Holiday” in a new ad campaign. While it certainly makes sense from an advertising perspective,  doesn’t it leave you wondering 1) Do people still listen to Vampire Weekend? and 2) Do people still wear Tommy Hilfiger?

Unfortunately, people do still listen to Vampire Weekend, which in my personal opinion is much more offensive than people still wearing Tommy Hilfiger. I think I even have a Hilfiger sweater somewhere, and I’ll probably wear it again someday. While it keeps my arms warm, it also makes my body look hot. I, however, do not have a Vampire Weekend album and obviously will not listen to it again.

The thing that amazes me about all this are the reactions from people who like Vampire Weekend. I had to research what song was used, and in the comments sections of sites that carried that answer, fans were upset. I’m sorry, are you angry that Vampire Weekend “sold out?” Really? We’re talking about the same Vampire Weekend here, right? Or are people more upset that they sided with Tommy Hilfiger, which is the image they tried to create for themselves from the get-go?

Someone please help me!

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Yuppie Ad of All Time

  1. There’s a lot going on here. First though, isn’t it a really good ad? Ha. If you like Tommy for Vampy or not, it’s a pretty charming, vibrant ad.

    Annnnyway, it reminds me very much of a Wes Anderson commercial (and I just looked — it’s not Wes, but NY Mag agrees ).

    This is doubly weird because Vampy Weeky already did a direct ripoff of a Wes Anderson film for “Oxford Comma”:

    Note the off-white sans serif typeface titling on both too, classic Rushmore. (Matty, I’m gonna write a full post on this for sure now, but for further reading, I will shamelessly promote this old post of mine: )

    1. I think the ad does what it sets out to do, but I still find it annoying and obnoxiously pretentious. I feel like it makes people who don’t already like Hilfiger just hate him even more.

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