What Do Ya’ll Think About the New ‘Carles’ [via Hipster Runoff]

Kind of feel like there’s a new ‘carles’
Sort of miss the original bb
Wish I could ‘bronoodle’ with him 4evr
Feel like the ‘new’ carles isn’t ‘authentic’

Where did the OG carles go? Seems like this new bro doesn’t have the same ‘edge’ and ‘understanding’ of the indiesphere. Sorta feel like the site is ‘not funny’ anymore. Looks like OG carlesy was telling the truth when he ‘said he was done with HRO.’ This comeback seems like a scam [via pyramids].

Carles 2.0 is just trying 2 ride on OG carles’ fame. Pretty sure this new bro is just an entry level lamestreamer trying 2 get in on the ‘indie action’ and doesn’t know how 2 put out alt vibes 4 p4k readers. Like maybe it’s just some altbro who works at Am Appy and thinks he’s better than the tween he actually is [via living with your parents]. Anyways, I’m worried abt HRO. Feel like it’s ‘going down the shitter.’

OG carlesy
Please come back
Make HRO ‘funny’ again
Talk about combo Red Lobster/Olive Gardens
Stop letting this lamestreamer ride HRO-waves [via waves]

I rlly think OG carles will listen. I think part of him ‘wants’ to come back. Kinda think he’s ‘sad’ and ‘lonely’ right now. Maybe he was ‘going through something’ and needed a break. Maybe he is just waiting 4 someone 2 ask. Maybe he wants a ‘where’s carles’ meme.

Do you think there’s a ‘new’ carles?
Do you think he’ll stage a ‘comeback’ [via The Eagles]?
Do you miss the i am carles alt-brand?
Do you miss QT bebe zeva?
Is carles ‘dead’ 2 the indiesphere?
Is combo Red Lobster/Olive Garden going 2 work?
R U on #team_OGcarles or #team_carles2.0?

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