Album Review: Ghost Feet – Wires and Chords EP

Ghost Feet: Wires and Chords EP (Dropping Gems)

Washington’s Ghost Feet may be new to the world of releases, but the duo certainly has a feel for producing both music and moods. Using a combination of electronics and guitars, the Dropping Gems artists create music that blends the shadowy with the bright, like a stream of sunshine through a dense forest.

A lot of acts out there have dabbled in mixing electronic music with post-rock styled instrumentation. I’ve done it myself as Early Morning, Paris (with varied results), and I mention this because I understand how difficult it can be to get a balance between organic and synthetic sounds. One always seems to overpower the other, making for tracks that are either too cold or just a bit non-cohesive. Ghost Feet has risen to the challenge on this release, however. It’s easy to get lost in Wires and Chords; although the majority (and certainly the base) of each song uses drum machines and synths, the guitar-work grounds everything in a fog of lushness. There’s more of an earthy, thematic feel here. That is to say, this record is more reminiscent of Helios albums as opposed to an Album Leaf release. The electronics are prevalent, but they usually seem to remain in the background as a foundation for the guitar.

“Top Papez,” the album’s opener, is the most dramatic of the four songs found on this EP, allowing the guitars to shimmer over reversed synth pads and deadened drums. The stuttering “Car Pool Time” follows, and the slow, bass-heavy “Bog” falls third in order. The EP ends with “Pull Ups,” easily the most “electronic-sounding” you’ll find here. The garage bass takes over most of the song, and the drum machine is used as a main instrument, making for an upbeat ending to a record that has generally remained low-key up to this point.

Wires and Chords may be a very literal name for this release, but it obviously gives a notion of what is contained within. While this EP is too short to create any sort of a listening journey, it definitely is a start to something great, and hopefully we’ll be hearing much more soon.

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