Summer Mix from A Dead Kid

Hey Y’all.

You’ve been patient. You’re all swell.   You deserve some MP3’s amiright?  Well, here ya go.

What’s on it?  A buncha stuff.  A few albums that we’ve covered so far this year (Secret Cities, Acid House Kings, Radio Dept.) a few albums I still have to cover this year (Nobunny, Fleet Foxes, Cults), some old ones, some REAL old ones, and some cuts that Matt (@MattyDangerFox) and I (@Pantone292) were spinning on TurnTable.FM some time late last week.

So… what’s the criteria.  Meh.  The criteria was, “Can you play this during the summer?”  The answer?  A resounding “sure.”  Enjoy.


  1. “No Pressure,” Secret Cities
  2. “Heaven’s On Fire,” The Radio Dept.
  3. “Take Me Over,” Cut Copy
  4. “Oh My God,” Cults
  5. “Cybele’s Reverie,” Stereolab
  6. “Montezuma,” Fleet Foxes
  7. “Wicked Path Of Sin,” Old And In The Way
  8. “This Time Tomorrow,” The Kinks
  9. “World Love,” The Magnetic Fields
  10. “Strange Parade,” Atlas Sound
  11. “No Intention,” The Dirty Projectors
  12. “Dock Jacuzzi Boys
  13. “Blow Dumb,” Nobunny
  14. 14 “Gardenia,” Stephen Malkmus (& The Jicks)
  15. 15 “Are We Lovers or are We Friends?” Acid House Kings
  16. 16 “I Need all the Friends I Can Get,” Camera Obscura
  17. “Molly’s Got A Crush On Us,” Tullycraft
  18. “Marathon,” Tennis
  19. “Sloop John B,” The Beach Boys
  20. “This Will Be Our Year,” The Zombies

Mix (separated by track) is on MediaFire here.

1318 W. Cermak Rd.

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