60 Songs, 30 Days: Day 02 – Your least favorite song

Seeing as the writers of aDeadKid have some complimentary tastes in music, both of us are taking a shot at the popular Tumblr survey “30 Songs in 30 Days” list.  So get ready for a shitload of name-dropping and youtube clips as Brian and Matt proudly give you their 60 Songs in 30 Days…

Day 02 – Your least favorite song

Matt: Ah, my least favorite song. The possibilities on this one seem endless, with music being put out by the likes of Ke$ha, Dave Matthews Band, and Coldplay, but there is one song that I absolutely despise that shall take the win in this category. This song fills me with a rage that not many can understand; a rage that can make or break a lovely Saturday afternoon in an instant. The song I detest more than any other could only be “The Victors” by Louis Elbel. Most people knows this disgusting, irritating monstrosity of sound as the University of Michigan’s fight song.

This song makes me want to vomit all over the place. Hey Michigan, remember your defense last year? Hahahahahaha!

Brian: Ha! the Michigan Fight song!  With all of Matty’s deep-seeded loathing of pop, I would’ve never guessed you’d go with College football.  Matt’s dream day would be 50-yardline seats to the Michigan vs Miami BCS halftime show featuring Ke$ha /Chris Martin duet. (The awesome thing is that could actually happen).

When I did this survey initially, I chose Katrina & The Waves “Walking on Sunshine” as my least favorite song, but now I wonder if there’s a difference between “hating” a song, and a song being your “least favorite”.  There are plenty of songs I hate, but I imagine “least favorite” as a different sort of criticism.  A song I like “the least” would have to be from a musician that has potential to be good, but would rather pump out schlock.

The number one schlock pumper, to me, is one Mr. John Mayer.  You can choose nearly any song he’s done, but I’ll focus on Mayer’s feeble attempt at cultural commentary in “Waiting on the World to Change.” Let me paraphrase his philosophical take on his peers: “We’ll shrug at the TV while the world burns, wait until the old guard dies off, and then we’ll be in power, I guess.”


The issue isn’t that John Mayer is bad.  On the contrary, he’s actually pretty good (and pretty funny), but he’s content to produce safe-for-the-masses bullshit.  “Waiting on the World to Change” is just the epitome of laziness as it just barely, nearly says something slightly interesting, but then decides it would rather lay around in it’s cigarette-burned papasan chair and watch Family Guy.

To actively try to offend no one is one of the greatest art offenses I can think of.

2 thoughts on “60 Songs, 30 Days: Day 02 – Your least favorite song

  1. At first I also wondered about the wording of “least favorite.” I went through the list, and didn’t see any days for songs we hated or disliked, so I just decided it would be a song I hated. Honestly, I think you were a little more on point though.

    As for John Mayer, I totally agree with you. The man has a lot of talent, especially as a blues guitar player. Yet when he isn’t doing anything with the Trio, he just releases boring, safe, run of the mill garbage.

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