Dirty Projectors / Bjork Project Manifests Itself on Vinyl

Domino USA announced today that the excellent, digital-only EP of Mount Wittenberg Orca is getting the full vinyl treatment on October 24th:

The deluxe LP of Mount Wittenberg Orca features 180-gram heavyweight virgin vinyl pressed at 45RPM for maximum hi-fidelity resolution. The sleeve is comprised of a 12×12″ three-dimensional lenticular cover of Mount Wittenberg, so realistic that you can almost smell the junipers. Inside is a gorgeous 12-page large-format full-color booklet with stills from the original YouTube films of the Mount Wittenberg environs by director Matthew Lessner (“Stillness Is the Move”), a full-text libretto of the suite and complete liner notes.

Check the effervescent a capella march “On and Ever Onward” on Soundcloud here. My original review, part of my 5 favorite last year, is below…

Dirty Projectors & Bjork – Mount Wittenberg Orca EP

David Longstreth’s concept-heavy albums draw an equal amount of scorn or adoration, depending on your patience with dissonant signature-switching pop experiments.  Less than a year after D.P.’s incredible Bitte Orca, (which won them tons more fans, among them me and Solange Knowles), no one really expected Longstreth to really surface with anything else so soon.  Wrong-o. Mount Wittenberg Orca is an one-off excursion that went so incredibly well, they were compelled to record it — for Smithsonian’s sake, hahaha.  In early 2009 Brandon Stosuy of Stereogum successfully connected Dirty Projectors and Bjork to collaborate for a Housing Works benefit show.  Needless to say, they hit it off.  A year later, the EP was released so those of us not living in Brooklyn / SoHo could hear its genius.   The orchestration is sparse, the vocals are sharp and precise, and the twin vocal knockout of The Dirty Projector’s Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian, oh yeah, and some lady named Bjork are  incredible.  The group’s vocal harmonies are goose-bump inducing.  Longstreth, always one for vocal and harmonic interplay, puts his female collaborators front and center and they shine.  The album is non-profit digital-only download, and you can buy it here for 7$ with all proceeds going to the National Geographic Society to create international marine protected areas.

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