60 Songs, 30 Days: Day 7 – A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

Seeing as the writers of aDeadKid have some complimentary tastes in music, both of us are taking a shot at the popular Tumblr survey “30 Songs in 30 Days” list.  So get ready for a shitload of name-dropping and youtube clips as Brian and Matt proudly give you their 60 Songs in 30 Days…

Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event

Brian: I’m going to decide what song reminds me of a certain event as a I write this.  You lucky readers get the unique opportunity to see what I’m processing as I’m processing it.  Some people would call that meta, I would classify it closer to me being lazy. Once again we get into semantics, in this case, what is meant by “certain event”.  I’m going to take this to mean a particular, once-occurring event… so all holiday-themed songs are out.

I’d have to say one of the most interesting songs about an event is an event that only occurred in one man’s head, but has kept people talking for 20 years, is Neil Young & Crazyhorse’s “Powderfinger.”  It’s a rollicking, and cryptic southern rocker pored over generously by Sound Opinion’s Greg Kot and Jim DeRogotis in their Desert Island Jukebox segment, and further in their look back at the LP Rust Never Sleeps earlier this year.

Anyway, is this a song about an event, or a song that reminds you of an event that you’ve experienced.  Writing this on 9/11 it seems that I would have to talk about that.  I won’t.  Much. Although there were numerous sub-par attempts to crystallize that event in song in the months that followed, namely the self-appointed “Voice of the Workingman,” Bruce Springsteen’s cloying 1st-person story-song “The Rising.”  Fact is, it takes a little more than two months to really look at event and tell a story worth telling.  It could take a decade.  I’m speaking now of Bob Dylan’s excellent, if rhyme-challenged “The Hurricane“.

When I think of a song, and a moment that I experienced that moved me, it would have to be bundled up on a cool November evening, marching from a bar in the West Loop among other jubilant strangers eastward to hear President-elect Barak Obama’s acceptance speech.  Politics-aside, it was a very joyous, kumbaya-type experience hearing (as it was featured in his viral campaign) the moody, hopeful, mysterious “Fake Empire” echoing from podium speakers at the corners of Grant Park.  (I can hear Matt groaning right now, hahaha), but here’s video of the actual rally when the video was playing.

Apologies for the propaganda… but please enjoy the background music.


Matt: I was really having a hard time with this one for whatever reason. While trying to come up with a song, I realized I don’t attribute songs to specific events very often. This actually seems very strange to me since music is such a huge part of my life, but I guess it is what it is. What I did manage to scrounge up was a song that always reminds me of my first punk/hardcore show. I think I was about 13 or 14 when it happened, and I went to see Avail play with The Suicide Machines. The best part of that entire show was when Avail played “Clone.” During the last few seconds of the song, Tim Barry screams “Rise,” and at that moment the place completely exploded. It was fantastic, and it pretty much encompassed everything I wanted punk to be at that time.

Unfortunately, the only video for “Clone” I could find on the internet machine was a live recording along with “Pinned Up.” So, uh, here are both songs I guess. “Clone” is the second one.

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