60 Songs, 30 Days: Day 08 – A Song You Know All the Words To

Seeing as the writers of aDeadKid have some complimentary tastes in music, both of us are taking a shot at the popular Tumblr survey “30 Songs in 30 Days” list.  So get ready for a shitload of name-dropping and youtube clips as Brian and Matt proudly give you their 60 Songs in 30 Days…

Day 08: A Song You Know All the Words To

Matt: There are a lot of songs I have memorized, so I am going to go with a song that is actually worth knowing. A song that helped change mankind with it’s important lyrics and outspoken social themes. Yes friends, I am picking a song that helped shape my youth and formed who I am today. Obviously, that song could only be “TV Party” by Black Flag.

Brian: I am not naming a song worth knowing… most of my memorized songs were ones I felt compelled to learn for fear of social scorn. I have a distinct memory of my friend, Matt (another Matt, not the above Matt), KILLING the ladies with his word-for-word performance of the Butthole Surfer’s “Pepper”.  I was also impressed by how, years later, the memorization of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me,” garnered you Life of the Party status.  I’ve never been too good with lyrics (or remembering  worthwhile things for that matter), but the one I tried hardest to memorize was Blind Melon’s “No Rain.”

This was a very important skill in Junior High.  Tripping up on one lyric would surely earn you the scorn of adolescent peers.  Nevermind that some boys were rocking fashionable bowl cuts, or rat tails, or gangsta looney tunes sweatshirts… I was pretty sure my lack of Blind Melon knowledge (and Beavis & Buthead quotes) would be an easy target of ridicule.

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