60 Songs, 30 Days: Day 12 – A Song From a Band You Hate

Seeing as the writers of aDeadKid have some complimentary tastes in music, we are taking a shot at the popular Tumblr survey “30 Songs in 30 Days” list.  So get ready for a shitload of name-dropping and youtube clips as Brian, Matt and Lis proudly give you their 60 90 Songs in 30 Days…

Day 12 – A Song From a Band You Hate

Brian: You can learn just as much (if not more) about someone by asking what they hate rather than asking what they like.  People are very particular on what they admit to liking, while most categorize what they hate in wide, indifferent swaths.

Why do I hate the band I hate?  It’s because they embody something in music that I feel is intolerable — bad music disguised as “important” music.

What you have in the band I hate is a group of film school grads turned recreational bohemian dips, dropping LSD and putting to music (obnoxious music) the clichés you overhear from a table of drunk philosophy/lit undergrads speaking loudly on purpose

This group is fronted by a vapid (though certainly glamorous) instrument-less “singer” whose fans failed to notice his embarrassingly trite lyrics (not to mention an aggressively obnoxious organ) while he affectedly pranced around stage and/or rolled on the floor in leather pants.

Inspired by both Brechtian pomp and their altered perceptions via mediation (but mainly drugs), they masqueraded what could be some of the worst pop songs ever written as some sort of shamanistic vision quest.  Meanwhile crowds piled in to see how fucked up a lead singer can truly get before he up and dies… and then he died.

Close your eyes and listen to what amounts to a lounge singer’s fever dream.


Lis: There are a handful of bands that I dislike. Maybe it’s because I just don’t ‘get it’, other times it’s because I’m not the intended target demographic, but no band instigates more involuntary eye-rolling and my gag reflex than The Black Eyed Peas. There are a lot of reasons to hate The Peas. To name a couple, there’s the band members’ insistence to punctuate their names or Fergie’s bladder control problems. However, the one that sums it up for me is the unabashed declaration that the following song took 5 minutes to write and the self-admission that ‘it wasn’t like my best lyrically’.

My Humps

Yeah, this song won a Grammy.

[Editor’s Note: I was tempted to link to Jeff Tweedy reciting My Humps for a book launch party at The Hideout, but I don’t want to deny anyone of the full effect of the original experience.]



Matt: Since I basically don’t like anything, it is easy for me to come up with a ton of bands I hate. However, I only get one shot at this, so I want to make sure it’s the band that I absolutely loathe more than any other. I hate the culture surrounding this band. I hate the singer’s voice. I hate festivals and Alpine Valley and hemp necklace trades and bros eating grilled cheese sandwiches. Faux-bro-hippy-jam-jazz-? Fuck all that. You have too many useless members! I don’t think I have to say much more before I present…

5 thoughts on “60 Songs, 30 Days: Day 12 – A Song From a Band You Hate

  1. That Tweedy poetry session is excellent.

    Will you guys hate ME if I say I don’t hate either of your bands? Hahahah. Black Eyed Peas might be the worlds best living pop band.

    And I like “Before There Crowded Streets” still, hahahah. #41. The deeeeepcuts. The Tim Reynolds Live at Luthur College jam outz. Hahahaha.

  2. I actually am not a huge Doors fan either. I think we were discussing this recently. You know, how Morrison is just a pretentious fuck with really nothing to say. I would like “like” your pick in another social service.

  3. Why is Brian laughing like a maniacal sycophant? And YES, we will hate you, so I really hope you had too many apple martinis at lunch before posting your comment. Either that or your ‘sarcasm’ font type is broken.

    Side Note – I think we should just change the preamble to say we have combative taste in music rather than complimentary.

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