Sunny Day for Sun Kil Moon; In Which Self-Referential Art is Dissected via Google

Yessss!  Is there not a more appropriate song for today in Chicago?

Sun Kil Moon’s, ponderous, nostalgic, strummy, but not especially happy track (duh, it’s Mark Kozelek), “Sunshine in Chicago” is a free download on Stereogum.  Mr Kozelek recollects a show in Chicago among millions of other shows he’s played over the years;  how his female fanbase has subsided, as well as possibly his V.D.

In the age of self-referential songs and google stalking, we can now pinpoint what day Mr Kozelek is talking about — walking down Lincoln Avenue after getting a manicure, this show was most likely July 8th, 2010 at Lincoln Hall, as Mark name-checks “Julie Holland” [sic] on the Marquee, as Lincoln Hall had booked Jolie Holland four days later, July 12th.  Creepy, right?

Oh, btw, it’s a free download.


  1. Mos · March 12, 2012

    Weird – when the song was first posted on Stereogum the lyrics went ‘looked up at the marquee, hey it was my name next to Jolie Holland, man that girl is lame’ – and now it’s a different version with ‘friendlier’ lyrics. What up with that? Anyone else notice this?

    • BDazzle · March 13, 2012

      I didn’t notice! Did they do a little swicheroo?

    • spencer · May 12, 2012

      well, not sure exactly what happened but, but! there’s a live version with the “man that girl is lame” so perhaps, just perhaps that’s the song that was originally posted. dunno tho…

  2. Mos · March 16, 2012

    They totally did!

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