New Tycho Album Out Soon

I almost peed my pants with excitement a few months ago when Tycho uploaded a new track to his Soundcloud page. A month or two after that, he uploaded another new song, and his label, Ghostly International, provided a release date (March 18) for his new full-length Awake. Pre-orders were announced about a week ago, along with word that there would be a limited pressing of 2,000 colored vinyl copies besides the normal release.

I’m clearly stoked about receiving my limited version in the mail, but in the meantime I have been relegated to listening to the pre-release tracks over and over. “Awake” and “Montana” are both excellent works, and if they are any indicator to what will be on the LP, Awake should easily compare in quality to 2011’s Dive, which was generally regarded as a fantastic album. The sound is more instrument based and sounds a bit more post-rock than past releases, but the structures and style are still undeniably Tycho, which means we can all look forward to the lush, warm pieces we have grown accustomed to. Hopefully the weather here in Chicago will start to cooperate shortly after March 18 so the music will fit the scenery. Anyway, check out the “Awake” and “Montana” below.

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