Korn Loser Desperate for Attention

image via billboard.com

Apparently Jonathan Davis thinks that President Obama is using Miley Cyrus as a distraction while he passes “police state” legislation. Really? I’m thinking maybe Obama could pull out some more stops than unleashing Miley on the world if he was trying to slip things past the population. Maybe Miley was created in a lab just to serve the Left’s Draconian world takeover! Or maybe Jonathan Davis is just feeling left out of the limelight. Remember, this is a man now going under the name J Devil and who said Korn “was dubstep before dubstep existed.” So now we know exactly who to blame for dubstep.

I just hope he doesn’t have enough power to convert the four people that still listen to Korn into crazy conspiracy theorists.

For more on J Devil’s theories, take a look at the NME article here.

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