Playlist: Rooftop Beats

Image via, whatever the hell that is.

In case you haven’t noticed, summer is halfway over. Having recently moved to Brooklyn, I personally wish we were a bit closer to the end of the season; I thought the weather in Chicago was pretty gnarly in the dead of summer, but damn, nothing prepared me for June and July in NYC. The combo of heat and humidity here is something humans are not meant to experience. However, most people love summer, and they like to celebrate the “nice” weather by doing things like sitting out in the sun and sweating. But girl, once that sun starts to go down, the sexiness starts to go up, because after a shower and a change of clothes, people want to listen to jams and have a few cocktails.

According to quite a few movies and almost every beer commercial ever made, the young and fun like gather on city rooftops and dance away the hot nights with cool DJs and fancy neon-colored drinks. I am not young or fun, but I like to imagine that I could hang with these socialites if I were given the chance. For those of us with no sweet connections or available rooftop patios, I have put together a little Spotify playlist with the music that might, no, dammit, would, be played at such an event. Back in the old days, I used to get behind the decks every now and again, so don’t worry, I have an alright ear for the smooth and silky martini house these refined revelers want to hear. So head out to whatever available outdoor space you may have, put in some headphones, and crack open that Olde English 40, because although gen pop is not privy to swanky night raves above the skyline, DJ Smooth Matt is going to make you believe you are actually there. Sort of. Not really.

Here’s the link to the playlist: Rooftop Beats

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