Check Out Patrice Baumel’s i-D Mix

London-based i-D Magazine’s Soundcloud page is an excellent place to hear song premiers and monthly “mixtapes,” but it’s also a great place to stream DJ mixes from the various genres within electronic music. Artists such as Tourist and Ellen Allien have created sets for the magazine, and new stuff is posted every few days.

Perhaps because of the mood I’ve been in lately, I’ve been hitting electronic music hard, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Well, today was no exception, and while listening to my Soundcloud stream, I came across a DJ mix by Patrice Baumel uploaded a few hours ago on the i-D page entitled “Music To… Go To Space To.” The i-D series “Music To…” allows the DJ to design a mix around a certain theme, which is then represented in the title, such as Maxxi Soundsystem’s “Music to… (Future) Boogie To” or My Disco’s “Music To… Get Dark To.” In Baumel’s case, the name is sort of a play on words. He is about to play at Space in Ibiza, but his production work and set content are also known to be deep techno and house, so the set could be considered “spacey” or something like that.

So if you’re in the mood to listen to an hour or so of ethereal jams, I would definitely give this a listen. I would also take a look through some of the other mixes on i-D’s page; there’s some good content.

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