Kenny’s New Favorite Song

I have a friend named Kenny, and this is his new favorite song. I generally wouldn’t write an entire blog post for something like this, but he really loves this song, and I just felt like the world needed to know that it rocks him harder than anything he’s ever heard. The other day we were talking about some important musical turning points – Proto-Punk, No Wave, the birth of Hip-Hop. Yet for some reason, he just kept bringing up Bon Jovi’s “I’m Your Man,” a song recently released as a teaser for Jovi’s upcoming “fan album,” saying that nothing that has ever existed in the past, or would exist in the future, can compare.

According to my friend Kenny, Bon Jovi has revitalized music. He went to explain that the new album, entitled Burning Bridges, would bring back the day of album sales. He let me know that every song will be so good, people will not be interested in only purchasing a single or two; they will line up outside Sam Goody, money in hand, ready to pounce on the “hottest set of tracks the world has ever seen.”

In case you haven’t heard it, here’s the video for Kenny’s new favorite song.

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