Playlist: Sun-Drenched


Labor Day is upon us, and as we all know, that signifies the end of summer. Personally, I am not a huge fan of summer. I don’t like being hot, and my Eastern European skin doesn’t like the sun. At the same time, I still get a bittersweet feeling when it ends. We associate summer with a type of freedom; it’s the time to be carefree, get outside to enjoy life, and make our dreams come true. Additionally, there seems to be a strange nostalgia that comes along with summer, even though the majority of us never experienced the things we long for during the season. Can you honestly say that you spent the hottest months as a child running though meadows of sunflowers? Do you really have any overexposed Polaroids of you at the beach in your high school days? There is a desire in us to somehow relive these times we may have experienced once or twice, if at all.

So when summer ends and we haven’t built a bonfire on the beach or fallen in love or thrown caution to the wind on a cross-country road trip, there is a feeling of sadness and we remain unfulfilled. We feel like we let the prime months slip away in our older age. Summer reminds us of our younger years, when everything seemed wild and open, even if in reality our past summers were just as structured as our current lives.

The playlist I have included with this post directly targets what is most likely that false summer nostalgia. As the long days fade away, we can look back on what was and what never came to be over the last few months. The songs are undeniably in the feel of summer, but they also hide a layer of sadness beneath the exterior. The hazy chillwave and washed-out dream pop will hopefully compliment your sunburned bodies and the quickly approaching dusk. Sometimes it’s good to feel a wistfulness for times of the past, whether they actually happened or not.

Spotify playlist here: Sun-Drenched

Photo credit – me

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