Album Review: Hammock – Chasing After Shadows…Living With The Ghosts

Hammock:  Chasing After Shadows…Living With The Ghosts (Hammock Music)

Prior to 2005 the only two people who knew of the music that would make up Hammock’s discography were it’s creators. After piling up 40 some odd songs, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson decided they would release their work to those who would listen. I have to admit I am glad that the Nashville-ians behind Hammock decided to release their studio side project. Five releases later brings us to their latest, “Chasing After Shadows…Living With The Ghosts.” Chasing After Shadows starts in with a slow trot in “The Backward Step.” The slow idle gallop of the drums coincides nicely with the swell of the synths and chirp of the guitars. This and the second track, “Tristia”, seem to meld into one for me (although distinctly separated by silence) and create ten plus minutes of hope & innocence invoking musical bliss. These are the type of tracks I find ever so befitting the winding down of a long day. Reflection upon something, anything is the essence built within the songs’ borders.

One can hear their influences, intentional or unintentional, within most of their music. Earlier Explosions in the Sky, Stars of Lid, etc can be heard in their music. Although, that’s not saying they don’t find a nice little corner to themselves in their niche. Chasing After Shadows… is a solid release that holds it own. It isn’t the greatest album released but it is more than an average release. The album provides an airy but voluptuous sound cohesive with any rainy day or early morning sunrise. This album could just be coming to me at the right time and in 6 months I’ll look back and see just a decent album. I think not. I believe I’ll still see the same hope and beauty cast within this albums borders. And now that I’ve oozed all these touching thoughts I need to balance it out by going to drink while listening to Fear. “More Beer, More Beer!” Hopefully after this review, you’ll want more Hammock too.