Corey Feldman, Still Alive and Trying

Yesterday Stereogum reported that a St. Louis Cardinals minor league affiliate called the State College Spikes issued an apology for an appearance by Corey Feldman at one of their games. Feldman was given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch and then put on a performance as Corey Feldman & The Angels, which is a band that exists. Apparently people thought The Angels were a little too under-dressed, but it seems the performance itself was what came off as most offensive. It was so bad, in fact, that it was mentioned in the team’s official statement.

I am not the type of person that is willing to get up in front of a baseball stadium and perform a song, so I guess I have to give anyone who is able to do that a little credit, even if the stadium in question only managed to sell slightly more tickets than a White Sox game. However, having the guts to get in front of a crowd and having the talent to belong in front of a crowd are two different things, and Corey’s band certainly lacks the latter. I don’t know what it’s like to be completely hard up for money (this site pulls in billions every quarter), but this whole attempt by CorFeld to stay in the limelight seems pretty desperate. Does anyone remember his 2013 video for the song “Ascension Millennium,” which sounded like it was made by a twelve-year-old using Fruity Loops? At least we should hope this is just desperation, because after watching the video of the performance below, I think we are all going to want to believe that the whole charade was done for something outside of true self-belief in talent.

Live Video: Howl (2 clips)

The mighty Howl… Relatively new in the recorded-music sense (with a recently released debut full-length and a solid slab of an EP before that), but if you knew where to look, these road dogs probably passed through your area multiple times while endlessly pounding the pavement. For the virgins to the church of Howl, the Providence natives deliciously meld crushing sludge and true metal muscle, at times thunderous then veering off into hypnotic. In other words, they would definitely fit comfortably sandwiched onto a High on Fire, Doomriders, Black Tusk, Weedeater, Bison BC bill… Whoa. I think I just realized I totally missed my true calling of booking sick shows.

Anywho, Howl came to town last weekend on July 30th, playing at The Studio at Webster Hall and opening for Black Tusk (whose videos will also be posted up here soon). But thanks to my shitty luck and some asshole getting sick on the subway and holding up the whole train, I arrived to the venue just as they geared into the third to last song of their set. Though totally bummed, I still hurried to the front and captured the last two songs. In addition to the video below, you can also find a clip of them playing “Oma” from their EP here.

To be quite honest, and if you can keep a secret, I think I was extra bummed because I may or may not have a massive crush on their guitarist, Andrea Black… but if you tell anyone, I’ll snap your throat with a bolt-cutter… Enjoy!

Howl – “You Jackals Beware” (live)

Live Video: Early Graves (full set – 7 clips)

Photo by Samantha Marble.

This is all kind of weirding me out something fierce. If you haven’t heard already, there was a tragic and fatal van crash early this morning involving Early Graves and The Funeral Pyre… It was also released that Mahk Daniels, Early Graves’ singer, was killed in said crash. Our sincerest condolences go out to the families and friends of the bands in this terrible time. A lot of music blogs are covering this, so you can read about the details here if you wish.

I mentioned that this is weirding me out because I was going to put up the following post last night, talking about their incredible sound and the live set I was fortunate enough to catch and film a couple weeks ago. Not just that, I have been listening to this band repeatedly since seeing them, and couldn’t wait to give them some love on our blog. It’s seriously unfortunate that this is going up now under such depressing circumstances, but either way, here is that original post:

San Francisco chaos merchants¬†Early Graves, came to Brooklyn on July 17th and completely decimated the Union Pool venue with their 7-song wall-of-sound set. Luckily, I showed up just in time with a random flipcam I happened to have in my bag (which explains the minor subpar quality of the capture). For those unfamiliar with Early Graves, take all the good parts of chaotic hardcore, punk, grind, and thrash, then toss them into a blender set to pulverize. Think Curlupanddie, Converge, Rotten Sound, Trap Them, Breather Resist, Gaza, and Phoenix Bodies all having a big ol’ sweaty orgy together… But don’t think about it too long, let’s keep this PG-13.

So check out the video below of the California bruisers playing their little ditty titled “Harm”. And bop on over to the Belly Full of Hell video channel on Metal Injection for the other six clips.

Early Graves – “Harm” (live)