Up and Up: Kreayshawn

Love her or hate her, Kreayshawn is starting to get noticed. The pint-sized Oakland native has recently been mentioned in publications like The Fader and GQ, and her video for “Gucci Gucci” has pulled in over a million views within a few days on Youtube. I’d say that’s a pretty decent start.

Last year saw the release of the young rapper’s Kittys x Choppas¬†mixtape, which in all honesty is sort of hit or miss. Some tracks are incredibly catchy; the best rely on classic West Coast rap influences, as well as elements from dub, bass, and grime. “Bumpin Bumpin” will be stuck in your head until you want to kill yourself, and the dubstep-heavy “Killin’ Hoes” will have your head nodding on the bus. On the other hand, some tracks fall short, leaving the listener imagining a Casio playing in the background while based rhymes are thrown over the top. That’s to be expected this early in the game though, so we can’t get down on her too much for not pumping out an album of floor-fillers at this point.

Kreayshawn is starting to get a bit more experience under her belt though, and this is most evident on “Gucci Gucci.” Not only does this track have a higher production value than anything on Kittys x Choppas, but it also showcases a more mature focus on things like lyrics and timing. This song is radio ready, and it has really made it a bit tougher for those that mocked her earlier efforts to find easy pickings for insults. If this latest track is a sign of where things are headed, expect to hear a lot more about Kreayshawn in future.