Mix Album: Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Shorter Days, Longer Nights

I don’t know about all of you, but the music I listen to drastically changes depending on the season. Because of this, I have whipped up one of my annual autumn mixes to fit the mood associated with this time of the year. This mix has both older and newer tracks, so take a gander.

01. Eluvium- The Motion Makes Me Last
02. Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
03. Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl is a Computer
04. Bracken – Heathens
05. The Get Up Kids – Overdue
06. Gravenhurst – Saints
07. Benton Falls – Eudora
08. Calla – This Better Go as Planned
09. A Whisper in the Noise – Armament
10. Ghosts and Vodka – It’s All About Right Then
11. Frontier(s) – Poor Souls
12. The Appleseed Cast – Antihero
13. Hopesfall – Escape Pod for Intangibles
14. Caribou – Kaili
15. Mice Parade – Mary Anne
16. Salem – Frost
17. Burial – Endorphin

* Yes, that is a Get Up Kids track, but I assure you it is the one good one they wrote.

Download the mix here.

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