Mix Album: The Awwwwtumn Mix

So autumn is here, and to me, that’s a good thing. There’s nothing quite like a brisk morning while the leaves start to change. Plus, autumn allows girls to dress all cute ‘n’ stuff in sweaters and, um… capes. At any rate, autumn is also the time for my annual fall mix, and this year is no exception.

This year’s mix contains some tracks that have recently been put out by their respective artists, but it also packs a good amount of older tracks that always remind me of the changing season, dead relationships, bittersweet moments, and all the other jazz that comes with fall. I’ll admit it might be a little personal, but so what if you will soon be listening to a bunch of angsty songs I liked a lot in college? Is that such a bad thing? Why can’t you head down memory lane with me as I frolic in the leaves with a past girlfriend? Why can’t you pretend you were there as my friends and I sat around a fire getting drunk off cheap liquor while wearing flannel? I mean come on, Braid is on this fucking mix! What else could you possibly want?!

Now that I’ve made you feel guilty for not caring enough about my past, I’ll give all ya’ll the tracklist. Grab the mix here.

01. Dark Captain Light Captain - Everyone We Know
02. Dead Red Sea - Bad Man
03. Favez - The Man with Forehead Eyes
04. The One AM Radio - In The Time We've Got
05. Jeniferever - From Across The Sea
06. Benton Falls - Tell Him
07. Sorry About Dresden - A Brilliant Ally
08. The Appleseed Cast - Middle States
09. The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
10. The Coma Recovery - Goddverb
11. Mineral - Forlvadell
12. Braid - The Chandelier Swing
13. Last Lungs - 33
14. The Album Leaf - Streamside
15. Umber - The Day We Left for Earth
16. Blithe Field - Crushing
17. Great Skies - Polaroid
18. Elite Gymnastics - Here, In Heaven 2

Summer Mix from A Dead Kid

Hey Y’all.

You’ve been patient. You’re all swell.   You deserve some MP3’s amiright?  Well, here ya go.

What’s on it?  A buncha stuff.  A few albums that we’ve covered so far this year (Secret Cities, Acid House Kings, Radio Dept.) a few albums I still have to cover this year (Nobunny, Fleet Foxes, Cults), some old ones, some REAL old ones, and some cuts that Matt (@MattyDangerFox) and I (@Pantone292) were spinning on TurnTable.FM some time late last week.

So… what’s the criteria.  Meh.  The criteria was, “Can you play this during the summer?”  The answer?  A resounding “sure.”  Enjoy.


  1. “No Pressure,” Secret Cities
  2. “Heaven’s On Fire,” The Radio Dept.
  3. “Take Me Over,” Cut Copy
  4. “Oh My God,” Cults
  5. “Cybele’s Reverie,” Stereolab
  6. “Montezuma,” Fleet Foxes
  7. “Wicked Path Of Sin,” Old And In The Way
  8. “This Time Tomorrow,” The Kinks
  9. “World Love,” The Magnetic Fields
  10. “Strange Parade,” Atlas Sound
  11. “No Intention,” The Dirty Projectors
  12. “Dock Jacuzzi Boys
  13. “Blow Dumb,” Nobunny
  14. 14 “Gardenia,” Stephen Malkmus (& The Jicks)
  15. 15 “Are We Lovers or are We Friends?” Acid House Kings
  16. 16 “I Need all the Friends I Can Get,” Camera Obscura
  17. “Molly’s Got A Crush On Us,” Tullycraft
  18. “Marathon,” Tennis
  19. “Sloop John B,” The Beach Boys
  20. “This Will Be Our Year,” The Zombies

Mix (separated by track) is on MediaFire here.

1318 W. Cermak Rd.

Mix Album: Gettin’ Ghoulish!

Gettin’ Ghoulish!

An album cover this good can only mean two things: 1) I was drunk when I drew it, and 2) it’s Halloween time. So what could be better for all your Halloween debauchery than some sweet tunes to accompany it? Nothing.

Contained within this mix album is a boatload of spooky songs from some of the best horror punk, horror rock, and psychobilly bands out there. You know you’re having/going to a Halloween party this year, so why not drop this puppy into the stereo to get everyone moving?

(Warning: This mix is not meant for the girls who think Halloween is the time to dress like sluts and fuck dudes in the alleys behind clubs. Those girls should check out Brian’s Ke$ha mix).

01. Calabrese – Vampires Don’t Exist
02. Balzac – Monster I
03. 12 Step Rebels – Graveyard Rockin’
04. The Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13 – Creature from the Black Lagoon
05. The Crimson Ghosts – From Beyond
06. Misfits – Halloween
07. The Damned – Plan 9 Channel 7
08. AFI – Fall Children
09. Zombeast – Flesh eaters
10. Hellbillys – Blood Lust
11. Zombina and The Skeletones – Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead)
12. Koffin Kats – Graveyard Tree Zero
13. The Undead – Undead
14. The Other – The Ghosts Of Hollywood
15. Nekromantix – Dead Girls Don’t Cry
16. American Werewolves – Destroy All Monsters
17. Zombie Ghost Train – Graveyard Queen
18. The Creepshow – Creatures of the Night
19. Demented Are Go! – Hotrod Vampires
20. Groovie Ghoulies – Graveyard Girlfriend
21. Plan 9 – Manmade Monster
22. The Rosedales – Cemetery Sock Hop
23. Tiger Army – Devil Girl
24. Nim Vind – Like a Guilloteen
25. Blitzkid – Lady in the Lake

Snag the mix here.

Mix Album: Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Shorter Days, Longer Nights

I don’t know about all of you, but the music I listen to drastically changes depending on the season. Because of this, I have whipped up one of my annual autumn mixes to fit the mood associated with this time of the year. This mix has both older and newer tracks, so take a gander.

01. Eluvium- The Motion Makes Me Last
02. Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
03. Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl is a Computer
04. Bracken – Heathens
05. The Get Up Kids – Overdue
06. Gravenhurst – Saints
07. Benton Falls – Eudora
08. Calla – This Better Go as Planned
09. A Whisper in the Noise – Armament
10. Ghosts and Vodka – It’s All About Right Then
11. Frontier(s) – Poor Souls
12. The Appleseed Cast – Antihero
13. Hopesfall – Escape Pod for Intangibles
14. Caribou – Kaili
15. Mice Parade – Mary Anne
16. Salem – Frost
17. Burial – Endorphin

* Yes, that is a Get Up Kids track, but I assure you it is the one good one they wrote.

Download the mix here.

Mix Album: Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls

I have a small obsession with male-female vocal harmonizing and the trading off of verses.  Though this mix is a bit dated now, I came across it while clearing out my mediafire drive, and I thought, as Matty Dangerfox supplied you some kick-ass durty beats last week, I should overcompensate with some sing-songy, wispy pussy shit that I really enjoy.  Maybe you will too.

  1. Intro – The Pixies
  2. Handle with Care – Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
  3. Two Ways – The 1900s
  4. Honey Child What Can I Do? – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
  5. Who Were You Thinking Of? – Biirdie
  6. Secretly Minnesotan – Tullycraft
  7. Death to Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!
  8. Say Yes if You Love Me – Acid House Kings
  9. PS (interlude) – The Books
  10. Happy New Year – Camera Obscura
  11. Can’t Ever Sleep – Saturday Looks Good to Me
  12. Friday Night – Elephant Parade
  13. Jorge Regula – The Moldy Peaches
  14. Come Back from San Fransisco – The Magnetic Fields
  15. Souvenirs – Architecture in Helsinki
  16. You Really Got a Hold on Me – She & Him
  17. All You Need is Hate – The Delgados
  18. Know-how – Kings of Convenience
  19. Les Etoiles Secretes – Ida
  20. Ghosts are Good Company – Bishop Allen
  21. The Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You – Tilly & The Wall

Download the mix here

Mix Album: Matthew Kroll – Synthetic

Matthew Kroll: Synthetic

Unfortunately, I feel not enough people have gotten into the booty-shaking, bass-quaking insanity that glitch-hop and lazer bass have to offer, so I am posting a studio DJ mix I did a little while back of just those genres so ya’ll can get a taste. Before anyone gets on my case, when I spin in live, I only use records and turntables, so even though this mix has gone the way of the professional DJ mix album with meticulous crafting using Ableton or what have you, I am not trying to pass it off as live. It’s also one long track because I was too lazy to split it up. Take it or leave it. Anyway, invite some friends over, get some malt liquor, and blast this shit.

01. Lowest Layer – Bidness Opportunity
02. Bassnectar – Bomb the Blocks (feat. Persia)
03. Benga – The Cut
04. Hudson Mohawke – ZOo00OOM
05. edIT – Fire Riddim
06. SebastiAn – HAL
07. Anti-Pop Consortium – Volcano
08. Disruption – Last Level (Lazer Sword Remix)
09. Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)
10. 50 Cent – I Get Money (Lazer Sword Neon Hot Pockets Remix)
11. Distance – Victim Support
12. Lazer Sword – Koopa Boss
13. Ghosts on Tape – Mogadishu Night Life
14. Sebastian Tellier – Sexual Sportswear (SebastiAn Remix)
15. Kraddy – Faux Show (Shimmy Shimmy Ya Remix)
16. Low Limit – TrapperKeeper
17. The Glitch Mob – Animus Vox
Download the mix here